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Currently Listening To- X by Ed Sheeran; current favorite song off the album has got to be “The Man”.


Currently Watching- Reruns of Would I Lie To You on Youtube. For those of you who aren’t familiar, google British Panel shows and fall into the abyss


Currently Wearing- New black combat boots via Target


Currently Working On- Blogging and some freelance date setting for work.

Currently Waiting On- A time to head off to work.


The Pitfalls of Serendipity

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of Serendipity and that led me to re-watch that incredibly sappy and pretty annoying 2001 movie by the same name with John Cusak and Kate Beckinsdale. For those of you who have happily wiped this particular romantic comedy from your memories (and really, congrats to you!), here’s a short synopsis.

“On a bustling shopping day in the winter of 1990, Jonathan Trager meets Sara Thomas. Two strangers amid the masses in New York City, their paths collide in the mad holiday rush as they fall victim to a mutual, major attraction. Despite that each is involved in another relationship, Jonathan and Sara spend the evening wandering around Manhattan, all the while not knowing the other’s name. But, when the night reaches its inevitable end, the two are forced into determining some kind of next step. When the smitten Jonathan suggests an exchange of phone numbers, Sara balks and proposes an idea that will allow fate to take control of the future. If they are meant to be together, she tells him, they will find their way back into one another’s lives.”


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